The Trust Maze: The Making of Our Seattle Design Festival Installation

The theme of the 2018 Seattle Design Festival is ‘TRUST’. CLARK | BARNES has designed an exhibit for the festival that runs September 8-9, 2018 in Pioneer Square that explores each individual’s trust of their fellow human as well as tests their willingness to provide trustworthy information themselves. Our Seattle Architecture and Interior Design Team is hard at work creating the installation. We will provide more information about the installation as we progress here, so check back often for more updates!


Deep In Thought:

The installation went through many iterations in our shop, with many scale options taped off. Pictured, Derek Smith is deep in thought on how to best modify the design.

Building to (50% scale):

To refine our material palette, a 50% scale mockup was made using a variety of materials. Derek is pictured here trimming some wood, while Drew hides behind another option.

Know your site!

Part of the team visited our prime (thanks, Design in Public) site in Pioneer Square. This was critical in creating an installation that would respond well to the grade of the area.

Grade it!

The installation will respond to all site conditions to make sure that the end users experience a “next-level” SDF experience. Excuse marketing’s awkward puns, but its gonna be great!