King County Courthouse



Location: Seattle WA

Completion: 2017

Project Details

In March 2016, CLARK | BARNES was engaged by the King County Facilities Management Division to prepare a comprehensive analysis of the condition of the building systems at the King County Courthouse. CLARK | BARNES led a team of HVAC, electrical, low voltage, plumbing, fire protection, structural, and elevator engineers that analyzed the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, vertical transportation, and life safety systems in the building. They also coordinated with specialty consultants for cost estimating, scheduling, and risk assessments for several potential project scenarios and provided historic preservation consulting services for this undertaking. The five-month-long study culminated in July 2016 with a 313-page report to the King County Council.

In late 2016, CLARK | BARNES was tasked with an emergency replacement of the two electrical distribution system backbone in the building. They led a team of electrical and structural engineers to replace the 1960s era electrical equipment. The first major phase of this project was just completed in late April 2017.

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