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CLARK | BARNES believes that designing with responsibility does not merely include attention to form, space and details. Our focus, as Seattle Architects, is on a broader commitment to the broader community, historic fabric, and context.

Our passion for sustainable design has been realized in projects throughout the greater Seattle area for the past 25 years. CLARK | BARNES’ Architecture has become a proud part of Downtown Seattle, Renton, Lynnwood, Redmond and other cities in the Puget Sound region.  Our historic preservation, healthcare, and commercial designs can be found in the local neighborhoods of Ballard, Lake Union, Capitol Hill, and the International District.

CLARK | BARNES’ architects, planners, and interior designers create innovative, timeless, and community-centric Architecture that enhances the urban environment while responding to its historical context and provides the users with vibrant places to live, work and prosper.

The Crane I Interbay

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80 Main | Pioneer Square

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Aleutian Spray Fisheries | Lake Union

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The Trust Maze: How Trusting Were Our Visitors?

For the 2018 Seattle Design Festival’s Block Party, Seattle Architects CLARK | BARNES designed and built The Trust Maze. The concept was based on game-theory and the 2018 theme of “TRUST.” An Overview of the Installation The installation was designed to explore…


The Trust Maze: The Making of Our Seattle Design Festival Installation

Seattle Architects CLARK | BARNES have designed an exhibit for the Seattle Design Festival that runs September 8-9, 2018 in Pioneer Square. The theme of the 2018 Seattle Design Festival is ‘TRUST’.  Our installation explores each individual’s trust of their fellow…


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