8401 Greenwood Avenue N

Location: Seattle WA


Area: 103,450 sf

Project Details

Located on Greenwood Avenue North, between N 85th and 84th streets, this property was once the site of a natural gas explosion that destroyed several one-story historic retail structures. This site history significantly influenced CLARK / BARNES’ design for the project.

The new development includes a seven-story, multi-family building with 83 residential apartments. A ground-floor lobby, tenant amenities, live-work units, and commercial spaces are located on the ground floor, while two levels of below-grade parking complete the structure. Moody architectural elements inspire the interior spaces and are complemented by contrasting, high-end finishes. Textural elements from natural stones, metals, and wallcoverings play off the exterior materials, while projecting a mid-century modern, luxe atmosphere. The lobby leads directly to a warm amenity space where residents gather around a 360-degree fireplace or utilize the multiuse space for co-working. The mid-century modern design elements extend through the corridors to the resident entries, while the apartments offer a bight, clean, and refreshing color palette.

The ground floor takes cues from the adjacent historic storefronts and mimics their height and scale through façade articulation and architectural elements. The design matches the proportions and canopy lines of the original buildings, while the entryway pattern is consistent with the historical design of surrounding storefronts. The new building provides a continuous retail experience along Greenwood Avenue North that aligns with the human-scale of this historic commercial district.


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