King County Civic Campus Master Plan

Location: Seattle WA

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Project Details

CLARK / BARNES is a consulting to King County with several other collaborators to create a King County Civic Campus Master Plan (CCMP) that will create a welcoming, equitable, and enduring place to inspires civic life and better serve the region.

The existing site owned by King County consists of several facilities on a civic campus in downtown Seattle, including the King County Courthouse, King County Administration Building, King County Correctional Facility, Chinook Building, and Yesler Building. The resident service buildings are rundown, underutilized and require maintenance and repairs to ensure a functional and safe buildings.

The CCMP seeks to identify opportunities for the existing 8-acre site over the next 25 years to enhance county services, create feasible options for facilities, campus investments, and public space. The existing 2.3 million square feet of existing building space spanning 8 buildings and ten sites will be reimagined to consider both residential and non-residential options to enhance the value of the site, engage the community, and complement surrounding neighbourhoods.


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