NLG Project One / Redmond

Location: Redmond WA

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Project Details

NLG Project One is an eight-story, mixed-use residential building located in the City of Redmond Town Square (TSQ) Zone, and is the first project of the Nelson Legacy Group 22-acre Master Plan. The multifamily development comprises 246 residential units, inclusive of seven live-work units, accessory residential amenities, double-height retail spaces, and 221 structured parking stalls.

The design of the building takes advantage of the surrounding views of the Redmond Downtown Park. Spacious pedestrian access is provided along 161st Avenue NE and Redmond Way, including a pedestrian path to the west side and a shared private woonerf, or living street. Two plazas flank the building at the northeast and southeast corners, which are envisioned as a civic extension of the Downtown Park, further enhancing the pedestrian network to encourage walkability, a connection to the park, and to public transit.

The project will include a variety of indoor and outdoor amenities, including a terrace on the 8th floor with a large roof area design for year-round use. Courtyard spaces will boast abundant landscaping and gathering areas to encourage neighborhood activity, social engagement, and environmental interaction.


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