Esterra Park



Location: Redmond WA

Area: 672,023 sf

Project Details

Esterra Park is part of the Group Health – Overlake Village (Zone 4) Master Plan and complies with the City of Redmond’s Comprehensive Plan. Esterra Park includes three residential buildings with their siting and massing taking full advantage of the hillside topography. Each building’s height and orientation maximizes views, allows for excellent solar exposure, and provides for ample plaza and courtyard widths while enabling incredible landscape opportunities. A strong pedestrian connection to the adjacent proposed central park reinforces the walkability from within and around the site and connects to the public transit hubs.

Building 6A and B are six-stories tall, and Building A is eight. Together they provide 661 apartments and 854 parking stalls. Some of the residential amenities are connected by an enclosed bridge at Level 5 of Building B with ample glazing for transparency.

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