Appaloosa Cabin

Client: Private

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Project Details

This project involved an extensive remodel of a historic cabin. The original structure had no running water or bathroom, was heated by a wood-burning fireplace, had not been maintained since it was built in the 70s, and was in desperate need of work to create a liveable space that reflected the original charm of the cabin.

CLARK / BARNES gutted the interior and implemented their design of a modernized space, with a new kitchen, bathroom and laundry. The entry was relocated to the side of the cabin and a new roof extension was added to the deck to shield from the sun in the summer and protect from the snow in the winter. Metal was used for both the roof and siding for low maintenance throughout all seasons. Finally, large areas of glazing were incorporated into each end of the cottage to flood the rooms with natural light and create a direct view to the stunning natural surroundings.


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